CERAMICS FYI:  Each piece is formed and glazed by hand so you may find slight imperfections. These are intentional and are part of the character of the individual piece. I glaze my functional ware with lead free, food-safe glazes. A sculptural piece may be glazed with non-food safe glaze and it will be noted in the description.

Care: While many people put their ceramics into the dishwasher, I believe that washing by hand is always best. Dishwashers etch glazing over time and many items with engraved surfaces are best cleaned with a fine brush. Please note that often the foot or bottom of a ceramic piece is left unglazed. This area will retain water when washed. It is best not to sit the item on furniture until it is completely dry.

Copyright: Copyright retained by Linda L. Brobeck. No reproduction rights are granted to a buyer. Work may not be reproduced in any form without written consent of Linda L. Brobeck. Artist retains reproduction rights to all work.

I hope that this art work brings you as much happiness as I have had in creating it.

My Best,
L Brobeck
Crow River North, LLC


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